About DECA

Defense export controls has become a paramount national mission for many countries during the past one or two decades. Due to global terrorism and extreme regimes issues such as counter proliferation and state supervision are now a high priority. Threats related to possible transfer of modern technologies in ways that might be exploited for malicious purposes made governments realize there was a true need in elevating their national control apparatus. Most modern states comply with that perception and Israel can truly claim to be a well regulated country in that respect.
The Israeli Defense Export Controls Agency (hereafter: DECA) was established in July 2006 as an integral department of the Israeli Ministry of Defense. A designated primary law (Defense Export Controls Act) was entered into force in the following year.
DECA was established in order to ensure Israel's national security and defense interests through its licensing duties, both in terms of defense equipment, know-how and technologies counter proliferation and in terms of preventing damages to Israel's foreign relations, national interests and other strategic aspects.
The Defense Export Controls Act states that DECA is the "Competent Authority for export control" on behalf of the MOD Director General. DECA provides a wide variety of services to defense exporters in all defense export controls aspects, including proper outreach activities so they can abide by the relatively new legislation to the full.
Following a well-planned re-organization DECA embarked on a new structure in late 2015. It is now an agency which handles applications by their subject and content only, with a single organizational point of contact for the exporter. DECA comprises five main divisions, three of which are at the front of the licensing process. Hereunder is the outline of DECA's internal structure:
· Division headed by Deputy Director DECA – Includes the following licensing branches: Encryption, Technologies & MTCR, HLS and Dual-Use.
· Major Programs Licensing Division – Includes the following licensing branches: UAVs, Missiles & Rockets, Ammunition & ACV, Optronics & Space.
· Systems & IT Licensing Division – Includes the following licensing divisions: Cyber & IT, Radar, C4I Systems and Miniature Components.
· Planning & International Cooperation Division – responsible for DECA's internal planning as well as for managing the agency's foreign relations activities.
· Enforcement and Outreach Division – responsible for all enforcement as well as outreach and training aspects vis-à-vis the exporters' community. It is also responsible for the professional dialogue and daily contact with the Israeli Customs Authority which is the state institute that functions as the national gatekeeper in the exporting process.
The aforementioned re-organization took out administrative missions from DECA's daily occupation. Those tasks are to be delegated to a newly established governmental company called "SHAVIT". That company (yet to be operated) will assist DECA by assuming the following tasks: Be an entry gate for all applications and properly disseminate them to DECA's licensing units. Distribute all signed licenses to the applicants at the end of the licensing process. It shall also perform DECA's training and outreach programs
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