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The Defense Export Control Agency (DECA) is one of the focal directorates in the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD), holding the responsibility for the implementation of the Israeli Export Control Act alongside a direct impact on the scope and nature of the Israeli defense export.

DECA's decisions affect Israel's foreign relations in general and its international defense relations in particular. Decisions made by the organization are based on a well-defined process combining other MOD directorates, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and other agencies, fulfill international commitments and protect proliferation of advanced technologies while contributing to the strength of the country's defense industries, and help maintain their durability.

DECA shall remain committed to careful consideration of all aspects that are put on the scales, such as the national interest to enhance defense cooperation and defense export on the one hand, and the need to prevent advanced technologies and weapon systems from reaching wrong hands on the other hand.

As Israel adheres to various international control regimes such as the Wassenaar Arrangement and the MTCR, I can ensure DECA will preserve full compliance with their goals which aim to prevent global threats such as proliferation and terrorism, and thus try to contribute to world stability.

DECA's ability to perform its mission is linked with its ability to keep constant dialog with those control regimes and other leading countries in the field of export controls. DECA performs that task by conducting annual bilateral dialogs with foreign partners, and by regular participation in professional international meetings.

As outreach and enforcement are complementary to control, and the Israeli law vests all these facets in DECA's authority I can indicate that we are committed to expanding our enforcement endeavor and have a comprehensive outreach directed towards our exporters' community.

Much has been achieved since DECA was established in 2006 and much more awaits us in the years to come.


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